PA & Lighting Hire

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RCF Event 6000 - The 6000 model is the top-of-line speak of EVENT series. This 1000W RMS/4000W peak system armed with 2x15" LF transducer, 8" midrange horn, and 1" exit compression driver produces a linear response 40Hz-20kHz +/-3dB and sound pressure levels up to 134dB. This is a system with audiophile accuracy and output levels that can bleach the tattoos off the loudest thrash band.


RCF ESW 1018 - Add serious, stage-shaking thunder to the live sound setup with this 18" Sub. The ESW1018 incorporates an 18" woofer that can support 600W RMS and 6000W or peak power, producing sound pressure levels up to 134dB from 35Hz-150Hz. It's the perfect way to extend the bass response of the RCF Event 6000s.


Mackie C300z - Based on the most popular and trusted active speakers ever made; these 300W RMS/750W peak workhorses with 12" woofers can be found anywhere. It doesn't matter if you're a DJ, church, or Iron Maiden tribute band, these speakers project so well that they have become industry standard. They are ideal FOH speakers for pubs and small venues or floor mounted as monitors.


The Box Monitor - These robust little passive wedge monitors compliment the Mackie C300z speakers. With upgraded parts from the Mackie Thump range, producing 57Hz-15kHz and a maximum SPL of 120dB, these monitors provide an impressive performance and add supplementary foldback options to our hired PA systems. They are rated 150W/8ohm RMS.


American Audio PPA210 - This system features an 8-channel powered mixer that delivers 300 watts (150W + 150W) to a pair of detachable 10" speakers. The speakers may be mounted onto stands, and the mixer features 4 mic/line channels, and 2 dedicated stereo channels. This portable system is ideal for solo musicians and acoustic mic nights.


Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2 - The days of hauling a huge mixer with racks of outboard gear are slowly dying, and the StudioLive mixers could seriously speed this up. This top quality 16 channel digital desk features 12 mic inputs, 4 stereo inputs, 4 auxes, 2 FX buses, 'Fat Channel' processing on all channels and buses, 31-band graphic EQ and can be wirelessly controlled by iPads and iPhones.


Behringer XENYX 2442FX - This mixer has 10 mic inputs, 4 stereo inputs and 4 auxes. The XENYX mic preamps approach the sound quality of boutique-style, standalone mic preamps. Its "British EQ" brings back the warmth of early mega-console mixing desks. It also incorporates a studio-grade 24-bit FX processor with 100 real-world effect presets. Hire this and we'll include 2x GEQs.


Drum Kit - This well-maintained standard 5-piece drum kit with 22" bass drum, 12" and 13" toms, and 16" floor tom comes with hihat, snare and multiple cymbal stands as well as a stool and pedal. Pretty much everything you're drummer will need except the breakables (snare drum and cymbals).



Fender Frontman 25R - Recommended to us, this small form, 25W, 1x10" combo amp with built-in reverb will blow you away. Seriously, I've witnessed accomplished guitarists overlook 4x12 stacks to play with this little thing at gigs. You won't be disappointed!



Marshall MG100DFX - This compact, gig-ready, 100W, 1x12" combo is a powerhouse of killer tone. With a Celestion speaker, FX processor, tone controls, clean or overdrive options, and a realy dinky little FDD button which thickens the sound and replicates the same sound as a tube amp, you have a world-beating combo. You see these babies everywhere! Another industry standard.


Hartke A100 - The A100 Bass Combo Amplifier packs a mighty punch and kickback design. The biggest A Series combo bass amp, the A100, houses a custom 15" aluminum speaker with 100 watts of Hartke power. It features a high quality 7-band graphic EQ  as well as Bass and Treble controls for precise tonal shaping.

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We at BOMBSHED MUSIC believe in offering you a top quality service at a highly competitive price. Whether you're planning a large or small event – we can provide PA & Lighting which will fit well within your budget and provide the best possible audio and visual experience for those attending and performing at the event.


We have a range of PA & Lighting equipment for hire to suit crowds of 1 to 1,000 people. Our sound engineers are experienced and understand what it takes to work with acts in a live environment.  We will ensure both the performers and the crowd hear every note played or word spoken.


If you know what you're looking for, you can book the exact system you require. However, we also offer a range of pre-built 'Easy Book Packages', which include all the required equipment as well as qualified Sound Engineer(s) to run it. These packages can be customised with additional backline hire and gig recording. If you are really unsure about what you need, just drop us an email at or give Lee a call on 01292 478045 or 07736033060.